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Spotify Android App is crashes unexpectedly all the time?

Spotify Android App is crashes unexpectedly all the time?

I am currently a Spotify Premium member and I use Spotify on Android. 


Whenever my app downloads enough songs, the app will crash. This crash will terminate spotify within 3 seconds since its launch and I can't do anything except uninstall and reinstall the app back. 


I did a logcat and this is what I am seeing:


I/ActivityManager(  180): START { (has extras)} from pid 11558
W/InputManagerService(  180): Starting input on non-focused client$Stub$Proxy@4170faa8 (uid=10000 pid=12223)
I/ActivityManager(  180): Displayed +810ms (total +5m8s415ms)
D/dalvikvm(11558): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 199K, 3% free 14415K/14727K, paused 15ms
D/dalvikvm(11558): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 9K, 3% free 14587K/14919K, paused 14ms
D/dalvikvm(11558): GC_CONCURRENT freed 272K, 3% free 14917K/15367K, paused 1ms+1ms
V/PhoneStatusBar(  264): setLightsOn(true)
I/ActivityManager(  180): Displayed +322ms
V/PhoneStatusBar(  264): setLightsOn(true)
I/AudioService(  180):   Remote Control   registerMediaButtonIntent() for PendingIntent{419aa2b0: PendingIntentRecord{41ade240 broadcastIntent}}
D/dalvikvm(11558): GC_CONCURRENT freed 329K, 3% free 15306K/15751K, paused 6ms+7ms
I/dalvikvm(11558): JNI ERROR (app bug): accessed deleted global reference 0x1d200386
E/dalvikvm(11558): VM aborting
I/ActivityManager(  180): Process (pid 11558) has died.
I/WindowManager(  180): WIN DEATH: Window{41be55f0 paused=false}
W/ActivityManager(  180): Scheduling restart of crashed service in 5000ms
W/ActivityManager(  180): Force removing ActivityRecord{4199d648}: app died, no saved state
D/Zygote  (  116): Process 11558 terminated by signal (11)
I/ActivityManager(  180): Start proc for service pid=13012 uid=10078 gids={3003, 1015}
I/dalvikvm(13012): Turning on JNI app bug workarounds for target SDK version 9...
I/ActivityThread(13012): Pub
I/ActivityThread(13012): Pub
I/ActivityThread(13012): Pub
D/dalvikvm(13012): Trying to load lib /data/data/ 0x416847f8
D/dalvikvm(13012): Added shared lib /data/data/ 0x416847f8
D/SpotifyJava(13012): PHONE STATE - IDLE
D/SpotifyJava(13012): Received broadcast: android.intent.action.HEADSET_PLUG
D/SpotifyJava(13012): Not logged in. Ignoring intent.


I contacted customer support and was told that ICS was not supported. 


The last android update was on November 14th (which is about 4 months ago). I hope the upcoming version will be able to fix this bug. 



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I had the same problem, the application crashed after a couple of seconds when launched. I'm also running on ICS, but if was working fine for me at ICS since i updated my Nexus S last fall. 


Finally i managed to work again, what i did is mount the usb filesystem and then remove the folder that is located in the "Android/data/" folder.  


i hope this will solve your crash too. 




Check these two topics for more info, many people are having the same problem; apparently a major update for the Android app is in the works, but no release date yet, so add your voice to the others, perhaps it will help:


Last client update was november 2011

Spotify Android app crashing, update long overdue

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