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Spotify + Android Pie- app crashes, can't swap songs remotely, pausing songs

Spotify + Android Pie- app crashes, can't swap songs remotely, pausing songs






Galaxy s9+

Operating System

Android Pie


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 Issues are stated in the topic.


The app crashes every now and then  auto opens itself when it does.


Music pauses every now and then. Seems to be related to the crashing. 


Can't swap songs via radio/Bluetooth headset sometimes, force restart fixes temporarily.


Android OS keeps telling me the app crashes and if I wish to wait or close the app while the app is still functional and playing music. Although you can't swap songs when this happens either.

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Forgot to mention that it was the official Spotify app that I used first. After a while I tested the beta version, still doesn't work. 

Edit: I took a closer look, and found out that Spotify's storage became corrupt somehow. Completely deleting it fixed my issue.


Just replying to say I'm having a similar issue with my G5 and G7. Seems to have started with the last update on December 15th.

In my case, locking the phone or using another app causes the music to skip once and then stop playback entirely and displays a crash notice.

As the OP says, restarting will sometimes stop the issue temporarily, but more often than not it will just crash if it's not in the foreground.

The only way I've been able to use Spotify consistently since is to leave my phone unlocked, and use no other apps while I want to listen.

Plan - Premium

Country - Canada

Device - LG G5 / LG G7 ONE

OS - Android 8.0.0 (G5) / Android 9 (G7)


Troubleshooting steps followed up to and including attempting operation without the SD card.



Could you explain how you went about and cleaned Spotify storage? The cache you can clear on the app? Inside the phone itself?


I reinstalled & manually cleaned everything surrounding Spotify and it didn't help here. 

The app is crashing for me too or just hanging with a blank interface. Also the music keeps stopping. Super irritating.

I just changed phones a couple weeks ago. So I had moved all my data from my previous phone.  Because I had so little time on the new device, I just went and did a factory reset to fix mine.

Just a thought, but are either of you using the SD card for storage? If you're having trouble with any other apps, or having issues with photos not saving, your SD may be on it's way out.

I've used both and currently on device storage. 


Reinstalled the app once more and no change.

Bumping, still have this issue after a factory reset.

Yeah, same thing happening here, app crahes again and again when trying to use lockscreen controls. This needs to be solved asap. 

Same here, on pie beta for s8. When the phone auto locks spotify stops, the app reports a crash.  Please fix its driving me mad.

Have also had this issue. I upgraded to Android Pie recently and have been encountering ever since the upgrade. Any updates on this?


Samsung S9+

I downgraded my Spotify to a 3~ month old version and that works. I have not tested newer as I cba to waste time if it wouldn't work 

Could you outline the steps to do this? I just downloaded a software upgrade from my cell carrier yesterday night and the issues from the original post are persisting. 

I actually feel like it's crashing more frequently....

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