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Spotify Android client offline downloads disappear

Spotify Android client offline downloads disappear

According to Spotify FAQ I should be able to listen to downloaded music for about 30 days until I have to get online again.
Today, in the morning I listened to tracks at home. All the tracks from my Playlist were downloaded for listening offline. When I switched to Offline on a way to work, after about 30 minutes 2 of the tracks on my Playlist were gray and unavailable to play?
I notice this happens all the time, with tracks disappearing after hours, not days.
Is there a special setting somewhere I don't know about? Or is it Spotify Android client going cookoo?
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Hi Gregster. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's so strange, but Spotify has provided us with the steps to troubleshoot it on their support page.


Have you checked the steps below?


First, check the download status. Successfully downloaded tracks (on mobile) and playlists (on desktop) should have the green downloaded icon (

) next to them.

  • If they don't, or if the arrow is grey, we’d recommend checking the 'Music is not downloading' steps above, and redownloading.
  • If they do, try switching on Offline mode within the app’s Settings, or switching off your device's internet access. This ensures that the app doesn’t try to connect to any available networks which can affect playback.

If this doesn’t help, try reinstalling the app.


In case you have done these already, you may want to contact the folks at Spotify directly. For sure, they will not leave you behind 🙂


You can reach out to them here, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on their Facebook page.





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