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Spotify App is not working since about 3 month [various Samsung phones]

Spotify App is not working since about 3 month [various Samsung phones]







Galaxy S20, Galasy J5

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Since ~3 month the Spotify App is not working, 1000+ recent low ratings in PlayStore report same issues

- playing songs offline does not work

- search for specific artists (like 'die drei ???') immediately makes the app unusable (does not play any songs after the search, even preferences do not show up any more)

- many other issues (Playlists not usuable any more...)

- works fine on iOS, same WLAN connection

- works fine on older J4 phone

- does not work on J5 phone

- does not work in brand new Galaxy S20 (all same family acocunt)

- clear Cache, restart App/Mobile ... etc... all does not help

- reinstall of App sometimes helps for a few hours, then same issues again




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same kind of issue here since Android update in May.
- Samsung Galaxy A6+
- sound issues randomly (sound comes out with some "wave" effect), impossible to listen to anything correctly. Happens in car, through Hi-Fi system (NAD amplifier) and Bluetooth speaker.
- search history not registered before 3 searches of the same artist.
- Spotify app is updated (version 8.5.**bleep**.834), Android as well (version 10) (2 or new updates since May).
- Spotify app reinstalled several times. Works fine again for a few hours, then starts bugging again.

Been trying to understand the sound issue since it first appeared after the Android update in May.
After several attempts, researches in Spotify and mobile parameters, I maybe came with some partial key to the issue.

Issue seems to be linked to Bluetooth connection to different devices.


Here's what I noticed :

When playing AND listening Spotify directly on my Samsung A6+ through headphones (B&W), it plays perfectly without any sound issue.

Once I switch the playing to another external device (car, speaker, or stereo system), sound issue appears, randomly. An album can be played all through without any problem, or issue can appear after two songs. Issue doesn't appear on the same tracks or album each time.

I tested the following

when for example switching from simple listening with headphones to reading and listening in my car, I follow the following steps : 

- first close the app.

- Then I disable Bluetooth connection on my mobile.

- After I started the car engine, I open Spotify again, re-enable Bluetooth connection. Then it seems to erase the issue for a while. I say "seems" because sound issue comes back on some tracks, but less "strong". 


So I'm pretty convinced the issue has something to do with Bluetooth connection on external devices. It's like the app would not switch properly from a device to another with Bluetooth.
I hope the notes can help.

Feel free to ask for further test or info.

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