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Spotify App not showing up in Android Auto

Spotify App not showing up in Android Auto

I recently purchased and installed an Android Auto compatible radio in my car. 


Android Auto works great, though Id really prefer to play music with Spotify which is supported. I have seen articles about people using it with the same radio that Ive got "Pioneer 4100NEX". 


When I open Android Auto I only get the Google Play Music option. I have tried opening Spotify before connecting, but this does not help. 


Phone is a GS6

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Same problem here on Samsung Galaxy S5 (ATT) with the 4100NEX.

Same problems here no spotify on a brand new seat ibiza 2016 whit android auto the only two audio apps working google music and pocket cast, no spotify and no tunein

Did you ever find a fix for this? My 2016 Sonata was working perfectly when I first got it but now the only app that shows up in the list is Google Play Music. No option for Spotify or Pocket Casts. Have tried all sorts of things but can't get them to come back.

im having issues also with my 4100NEX showing spotify in android auto. i cant get to show atall. even if i start it before android auto, or in android auto. 

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