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Spotify App on Android quitting unexpectedly

Spotify App on Android quitting unexpectedly



I need some help with my Spotify app. So I just got an android about 3 weeks ago and since then I've probably used Spotify 3 times, until today... I went on and tried to connected my phone via Bluetooth to my speaker and suddenly it started quitting within the first 10 seconds of opening the app. I tried restarting the phone, changing different settings, uninstalling the app... I don't understand whats wrong but I'm very disappointed especially because I JUST got this phone... thanks!!! I will take any help at this point! 🙂



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Check if it works when you turn off wifi, me and a lot of other people have experienced that today. Still no workaround though. 

I tried offline and it didn't quit, but it wouldn't let me play any of the
music 😕 maybe the problem will fix itself with time if it's something that
is happening to everyone!

Well you need to download the songs if you want to play them offline. 

Yes, I know. The app wouldn't let me play any of my saved/downloaded

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