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Spotify CLOSES randomly when using other Apps

Spotify CLOSES randomly when using other Apps

I have an account in Spotify Premium and recently it started to CLOSE the app when I open some other app like Facebook or Chrome. Not only stops playing but CLOSES the app Spotify, so I have to open it again and look for the song I was listening to. It happens repeatedly and has been so annoying! ! Can't listen to any playlist anymore while surfing on the web through my phone. By the way, it stopped more than 3 times only while I was looking for help here.

I thought it was a problem with the version of the apps, but even after updating them, the problem persists.

I'm not paying monthly to not be able to listen to my songs 🙂

Really hope I/we can solve this as soon as possible!
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What device? Samsung possibly???

If so, please see this thread:

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Android Troubleshooting:
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Spotify Android Version History

Got the same thing. Moto E 2015. Happens when I'm using it with Waze.


I'm about to cancel my premium subscription. 


Yes, I've tried every single Android troubleshooting guide.

Doing same to me on Xiaomi Redmi Note. Whenever i minimalize the app it closes itself in max 5 mins doesn't matter what am i doing..

If you got any ideas feel free to share 🙂

My mobile is a LG K10.
Well, yesterday I turned my phone off and turned on again, than I updated
the system. After that I didn't use the app while doing other things on my
phone, so I cant tell if the problem is over.
But I gave a try and Spotify didnt close when I opened facebook or chrome
or whatever.

Restart and update may be the solution hehehe. If anything else happens
I'll let u know.

Thanks for all.

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