Spotify Changes Default Download Location By Itself

Spotify Changes Default Download Location By Itself

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I am using Spotify Version for Android.  Twice in the last week, the Spotify app has, on its own, changed the default storage location for music downloads.  Specifically, it changed the storage location from my SD card to the phone's internal storage.


The first time happened immediately after updating the Spotify app.  The second time came after installing an Android OS security update from LG.


I only noticed both times because I saw Spotify had started downloading over 4,000 songs onto my phone's internal storage.  It came within an eyelash of completely filling up my phone's hard drive!


In each case, I managed to get the default location reset to the SD card, but not without having to re-download thousands of songs and use up a *considerable* amount of bandwidth.  (BTW, the whole purpose of downloading songs is to conserve bandwidth.)


Two questions:


#1) Is there a way to prevent this storage location switch from happening?


#2) If/When it does happen again, is there a quick way to stop the download process before it gets too far along?


I love Spotify, and listen for quite a few hours each day.  However, this is a really annoying bug, and I would like to get it fixed.  Otherwise, I'll just have to give up completely on downloading music.











LG G7 ThinQ


Operating System

Android Pie

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I just wanted to confirm that I have the same issue. It happened again now after I just rebooted my phone. I am using an LG V30.

same problem and also with a lg v30

Same here, I'm using a samsung s8 plus.

Is there already a solution for this?

If there is a solution, I have not seen it.


I just keep my app settings configured not to allow downloads over mobile data.  That way, when this situation comes up, at least Spotify won't instantly start re-downloading my entire library without me knowing about it.


Other uses have responded to my original question, but no one from Spotify ever has.  It's not exactly impressive customer service.

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