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Spotify Connect Shared WiFi Issues

Spotify Connect Shared WiFi Issues

I'm currently using Android 6.0.1 and using the current version of Spotify as of 04/07/2017. My issue is I work in a building that has shared WiFi which I and some other employees use. Whenever I log into my spotify it constantly stops,this is due to another Spotify using controlling my account because they too are using the shared WiFi. How do I work around this? I'm getting tired of having to play the pause and play game with someone else using my account. I've already logged everyone else off my account, but this issue still happens.
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I have this issue too. Under Spotify Connect it lists "Chrome Webplayer" but I don't have it open in Chrome anywhere.


I can't believe that Spotify Connect doesn't only list devices that are logged into your account. What kind of bull**bleep** security joke is this?

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