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Spotify Connect keeps phone awake

Spotify Connect keeps phone awake

This is seriously annoying. If I forget to force close the app when I switch over to desktop then the app keeps the phone in "keep awake" state. This is a major battery drain that I thought had been fixed, but apparently this bug has popped back up yet again. Why is the connect functionality not done with push notifications or something else that doesnt' require nonstop-polling for data?

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Worse, they don't call this a bug. I had a back-and-forth support ticket in February with Spotify about this exact issue. The current classification is "works as designed":



Hey Taylor
Great to hear from you!
How you doing today? 🙂
Because of the way connect is set up it will automatically wake up your phone if you are on the same wifi as it allows you to control your music.
Il pass your suggestion on
All the best 🙂
Matt Cope
Spotify Customer Support



I used Tasker, an Android app for automation, to kill the Spotify process every time my phone connected to a wireless network. That worked for a while, but then Spotify started relaunching itself after being killed. I ended up uninstalling it from my phone. If I recall correcty, that's the only reason I was paying for a subscription...


Their official workaround to this problem is to remember to enable "Offline Mode" if your phone will be on a wifi network where you are using a desktop player.


I'd like more visibility on this issue because this is _the wrong way_ for Spotify to have built this feature. And if I'm sitting at my computer, I don't need my phone as a remote control anyway.


There's a topic (link in my signature) with other ways of closing this process.


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