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Writing to SD Card is easy... but switch to new device?

Writing to SD Card is easy... but switch to new device?

Hi there

Can't believe that this topic is not covered yet, but perhaps my search algo needs improvement Smiley Wink


I've been using Spotify Premium for quite a while, already two devices and also I could store my "offline available" songs to SD card

I just can't get it synched in my new phone (Samsung galaxy S5).


The files are in SD Card > Android > data > > spotifycache > Storage  -  and all the subfolders containing the songs have an actual date/time-stamp (after usage of my new phone).


So, why can't Spotify access them "offline" , hey my account, my phone...   all legal - I just don't want to resynch all my files again!

Don't get me wrong: all the files, Artist, Albums, Playlist show as they should, the files simply won't be recognized as "already stored local".


in files > users > xxxxxxxx  there is a file connect-device-id.txt - has this something to do with it?


Any idea how to solve this, or where this question has already been answered?


Thanx a lot     Chris

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I think you´ll have to re-sync because even tho you downloaded the songs to your SD card it is intended to be used only on that device. Sorry if it caused any inconvenience. Is there anything else I can help with?

You think or you're sure about?

Cause it's all about avoiding re-download the whole library!



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