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Spotify Connect stopped working on AV receiver

Spotify Connect stopped working on AV receiver






Samsung Galaxy S9+

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Android Pie


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My AV receiver stopped showing up as an available device (Denon AVR-X6400)  after the most recent Spotify update.  It's not listed on my wife's Galaxy S9 either (same OS and app version).  I have a friend with a Spotify connect enabled in AV receiver and it didn't show up as an available playback device either (also a Denon). The receiver is listed as an available device on my daughter's and friends iphones. My Firestick and Chromecast are still available and working properly.


I verified that my phone is connected to the same network as the receiver. I reset my receiver and I've performed a clean install of the Spotify app on my phone.  


Is it a bug? Are Denon receivers no longer compatible?


Please help.


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