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Spotify Connect: supported devices disappeared

Spotify Connect: supported devices disappeared






Huawei P20 Pro (10.0), Samsung S6 lite (11.0), iPhone 11 (14.6)

Operating System

Android, iOS, Windows...


My Question or Issue

I have several Spotify Connect enabled devices, that are still supported and (despite beeing branded differently), all are reporting "Linksprite Technologies" as manufacturer. Two of those speakers are GGMM E5 (

End of July/ Start of August those devices suddendly dissappeared from the connect list. They're still connect to the internet (Web radio and DLAN still working without issues), but i also reset those devices, restarted the router and reset my network settings - no changes here. Even on other networks/spotify accounts they don't show up. I've tried to eliminate every potential change/issue. Even checked the "Show only local devices" setting.

Other speakers in the same network from a different brand are working flawlessly and fast with connect.

The odd thing: if i shut down one speaker for about a week and then power it on again, the device shows up but after trying to connect, it's stuck with "Connect" and then the device disappears again.

Those devices are still sold (with spotify connect) - but are they even still supported by Spotify?


Any help would be appreciated, as those speakers are nice and perfect for my kids, but bluetooth lacks comfort and granularity in volume controls.

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Hey, @Kosm0nauten 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

It seems that you've indeed tried everything possible to troubleshoot this, but if the speakers aren't showing up, it's probably something in the Connect API changed, which these speakers don't support and would need a firmware update to restore functionality.

Spotify would need to be informed of a loss of functionality by the manufacturer to remove the device from the website, as the items there are usually put up in some sort of partnership, but Spotify doesn't have much if any control of the actual continued functionality. That needs to be ensured by the manufacturer.


Stay awesome!

If you have further questions or if you need anything else, let me know! I'd love to help!


LuanSpotify Star
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