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Spotify Crashes When I Use Search

Spotify Crashes When I Use Search






Acer Chromebook

Operating System

Chrome OS/Android


My Question or Issue

Every time I try to use the search bar on Spotify it crashes. Ever since the Browse and Search button were combined together the search does not work. I was already having a lot of bugs with Spotify before (ads crashing, ads not loading, randomly skipping songs, etc) but the fact that I can't use a basic feature is pretty bad.

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Yeah, I am having the same problem. I am using the Asus C101 Chromebook and since the spotify app has updated, every time I click on the search bar the app crashes so as of right now can't search for any songs. Please fix!

I have the same problem. The spotify app crashes when I click on the search bar on the search page. However, it's only an issue in fullscreen mode; if I restart the app in window mode the search bar works fine. Everything else seems to work well for me too, in both fullscreen and windowed mode. Still, I really like using spotify in fullscreen mode, so I would appreciate the search bar functionality.


It's been a problem as of the update a week or two ago when the search page was redone. 


Computer: ASUS 302CA Flipbook

OS: Chrome OS **bleep**.0.3497.120 Official Build

Plan: Premium

The bleep in the OS version if you can't guess is a six and a nine 😛

Same problem, can't use the search bar since the update happened, the app crashes whenever I click it. Have a Samsung Chromebook. 

The same thing happens to me. I have an ASUS chromebook. However, when i restart the app I can use the search bar.

 Same here. Also on a chromebook. Search works when application is minimised, but if I try and use it full screen it just shuts down as soon as I click into search.


This only started happening yesterday, after an update.

I just updated to chrome O/S version 70.0.3538.76, and it's working again. 

Having the same problem but others have said (I have a Lenovo Chromebook), it only crashes when in full screen mode.  Hopefully this is fixed soon.  It would also be great if there was a dedicated version optimized for Chrome OS for full screen usage. 

I updated to chrome OS version 70.0.3538.76; no luck for me. I have noticed that if I press the fullscreen button on the keyboard that gets rid of borders, searching works fine. Folding the screen back and putting the chromebook in touchscreen mode works too. It's only when I'm using my chromebook normally and spotify's fullscreen.

The search works for me now! I had to switch from the developer branch of Chrome OS to the standard, stable version; that might have had something to do with the resolution.

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