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Spotify Locked Screen Player (Android 7.0)

Spotify Locked Screen Player (Android 7.0)

Hello everyone:)

My Huawei Honor 8 just updated to Android 7.0. But the locked screen player is not working (at all) like before. I assume this is just a temporary problem with the new update, but if not, what is the matter?
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**bleep** I have the same problem with the controls is so annoying I don't know if is the app or the EMUI update
The Google music play and the default Music app they work perfectly, they even show the art covers. But the Spotify app is not.

Running a Note 5 in a 2017 civic. SINCE upgrade to 7 spotify will not stream to android auto. I've turned performance to max and allowed spotify to run all the time but it still doesn't work. Google Maps and my phone features still work so I believe it's a spotify issue with A7

Same problem. Honor 8, Android 7.0, EMUI 5.0, Spotify armV7

I got Spotify to the lock screen, but it says "content hidden".


Anyone solved this? I want to see, what is playing and to have the next song -controls.

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