suiciding process...


suiciding process...

Casual Listener

Hi all and sorry for the misleading title, im not in suiciding process 🙂


im talking for the spotify process, that is killing itself after sometime, when playback is on other device, or the music is stopped/paused for some time. (15-20min). As a result, controlling or resuming the music is no longer possible. (ex while cycling/running using the headset, and yet it is pretty dangerous to bring out your phone and open spotify again while cycling!)


additionally, the music is stopping when you swipe the spotify application from apps button, something that is not happening on google play music for example.


ps1. i've added spotify process on exception in battery optimization.

ps2. spotify is running on a decent device without any issues and recently restored, a sony Z5 premium


need your help, this is very frustrating!