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Spotify app is opening very slow on Android

Spotify app is opening very slow on Android

Spotify is opening for about 2-3 seconds on Android. It should be opened immediately and load everything in a background. Just open a search screen immediately after an icon click and then load my songs, radio, popular and so on. It's just unacceptable to open an app so long in 2017.

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The home screen does take a while to load fully as it synchronises with the Spotify servers over the internet connection but you don't need to wait and can go to your library immediately and start listening to music.

I have the same issue but its for all pages, and every part of the app pretty much, even my own library. I got an HTC 10 Android phone. It has been a big issue with spotify for me for a while now.

Oh dear I am using a LG Stylo with Boost Mobil. Very fast but before you
get another phone try this that works on my phone and tablet. Know also
that clearing cookies will erase saved passwords and your sign in set up.
So here is the best way to tspeed up your phone and take control. Go to the
pull down device settings and at the bottom of the menu you should find
device storage. Look at the internalstorage of each app. Each app near the
title is a small (i) signifying info. It opens to where you can controlled
permissions and notifications. No notifications means "no advertising" and
the HTC will zoom to high speeds

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