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Spotify Offlline Data Corrupting my SD card

Spotify Offlline Data Corrupting my SD card

Hi All,

Today spotify screen went blank and after some restarts of the application, i restarted my device, only to find that my SD Card was corrupted, so the workaround, as this happened before, is to delete the spotify offline data in my sd card with a computer and the SD card was fixed.


Do you have any problems with the offline storage on a Encrypted SD Card?


My Android Phone is a Galaxy S4 LTE Canadian Version, and i am using the latest Spotify client



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Since spotify is constantly accessing the cache when you're listening to music, this doesn't surprise me. Get in touch here for official support. 

If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it to speed things along.

I recently transfered my music to Samsung sd card with my Samsung s5. Took about 5 hours for my spotify to crash and my sd card no longer recognised by my phone. Been waiting for a year or so for spotify to add a music transfer mode and the moment they do it goes belly up for me!!!! 😞



Have a similar problem!


Started downloading a playlist at home via wifi and left. On the road, I realized that only half the playlist had finished downloading as I left my wifi zone. Spotify/ device started behaving weird, so restarted device only to find that all my downloaded tracks were no longer accessible. Didn't bother too much until now, when I realized that my encrypted micro SD is not listed in my device anymore and all my data is not accessible anymore!


What to do now?


Device is a Samsung S5 Mini and card has been encrypted using device.

Hi. If you can't get your mobile to recognise the SD card, the only remaining option is to reformat it in a PC card reader. It may be worth removing and reinserting it into your S5 first, just to rule out poor contacts.

Reformat it? I urgently need the data on the card and can't believe that Spotify caused me so much trouble!!


Ofc I already removed and inserted the card and it didn't help.


I will try to connect my phone to the PC once I got home.


You think deleting my Spotify cache - if possible - could help?

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