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Spotify Premium not Registering?


Spotify Premium not Registering?

I have Spotify Premium, I use it to listen to music on my Android phone every day. I was using it earlier today. Tonight, however, it has suddenly stopped working - when I try to open a playlist or use the "search" function, every song is greyed-out, when I click on a song, it prompts me to "Upgrade to Spotify Premium." I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify on my device; no luck. I got onto my PC to check my subscription status - it shows that all is normal and I have Spotify Premium, and from my PC I can play music, however, when I log back on with my Android, it says I'm using "Spotify Free" and again prompts me to upgrade. What gives?

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Clearing cache and data for the app fixed the issue for me.


That's usually the first step I take in troubleshooting something before uninstalling and reinstalling.


Too lazy to search through this thread to see if it was suggested before.

Same issue so many are having, disappointing experience thus far. My premium account is verified everywhere but on my android device (the one place I want to use it).

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I would suggest you have a read at and try the steps outlined in this post, hopefully it just needs a little encouragement to get started!


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Spotify premium not registering

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