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Spotify Search Function Missing AndroidOS

Spotify Search Function Missing AndroidOS

Hey gents,
Recently renewed my Spotify Sub so not 100% sure when this occurred buuuut!
I use Spotify on my mobile phone (Apple iOS) and on my tablet (Android JellyBean), now all of a sudden I have no search function at all.

Updated, un- and re- installed, cleared caches, logged in and out numerous times. Even logged out entirely and let my friend log in - nothing.

I didn't take a screenshot of the Android - photo instead: (uploaded to imgur)

And as you can see, search is where it should be on my Apple.

HALP! Can't search! No search!

Thanks, Kat.
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There were 2 threads on this already; yours is 3rd (see "I can't search for music!" & "Search button in main menu missing in newest Android update (".


Thanks for telling me de followed by reinstallation doesn't work.  Saves me  trying that.



Poster on one thread says hiiting space above "browse" causes "search" to reappear.  Doesn't work on my Alcatel tablet.  What I did find is, which will populate your Spotify app with whstever you select from an artist search, but doesn't work for me on song-title search.

Sorry for typos. I hate typing on this tablet, but had my reasons ($$) for not buying laptop w/ real keyboard.  So I could look stupid on forums, I guess.

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