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Spotify Showing as Using 12GB of Internal Storage GS7

Spotify Showing as Using 12GB of Internal Storage GS7

So I have my app set to default to savings songs to the SD card, which works just fine. However, my phone shows Spotify as using 12GB of internal storage. I have browsed the Spotify files within the phones memory, and there is nothing related to Spotify in there. It seems to be as if the phone thinks that somehow there's 12GB of data stored on internal storage but there definitely isn't... Any solutions?

4 Replies

It seems to be a bug in the way spotify reports memory usage to the OS. I wouldn't worry about it but you can always report it to spotify if you prefer.



Do you have any Offline Music saved? Spotify saves its Offline Music in an encrypted format, that may not look like anything when you browse the files. 


If you don't, please try reinstalling Spotify, and deleting those files. 


Thanks 🙂

@user-removed that doesn't help at all.

Hey @GK2016 I finally got around to reporting this as a bug so you may want to add your support over in the issues section.

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