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Spotify Stops Playing

Spotify Stops Playing

Brief description of the issue:

The issue I'm having is that when I'm listening to Spotify while I'm at work with my bluetooth headset. The playback will either stop at the end of a song and not go to the next until I turn my phone on so that Spotify loads(won't let me just pause and play from the shortcut window thingy). And if that's not bad enough, sometimes it just pauses during playback.


At first I just thought it was Walmart's crappy Wi-Fi in the building, but I turned off my Wi-Fi and just used my normal 4G connection through Verizon and the issue still persisted. It seems to also happen when I try to stream music with TuneIn Radio where the app just buffers forever until I log into the phone.


That about sums it up. Songs stored ON the phone don't do that, plays fine that way. Also, I just thought of this, Spotify plays just fine on my home network. But that may be due to a direct connection that's barfed into the area with a router?...


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Started listening to music(streaming).

What steps you’ve tried already:

Turning wi-fi off, restarting phone, trying another wi-fi in the area.


Your device and operating system (e.g. Samsung Galaxy 4, 5.1.1)

Samsung Galaxy S6(pretty sure) - SM-G920V

Android Version - 6.0.1


Type of Spotify account you have (Free/ Premium):



The app version of Spotify you’re using:

Spotify Version -


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It could be powersaving kicking in. Check out this post which may help.

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