Spotify Stops Randomly


Spotify Stops Randomly

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Spotify stops randomly on both my phone and my wife's phone. Ive searched the issue but none of the fixes are helping. This started about a week ago I think. I will be streaming to my chromecast and it will just quit and go back to the screensaver. Ok, maybe CC disconnected. Playing it on my phone it happens. Just stops. Says its playing and its not. Driving, it will just stop. Or refuse to even show any info to the stereo or Android auto. I was pulling it up on my PC and it said it was playing on the google home, but no audio was playing. Switched to PC and it did it agaain. And its not just me. My wife experenced the same thing. She had to keep the screen on to get hers to stop. I need to check with her, but my settings are optimized, and havent changed since before this started. I dont believe this to be a phone thing either as its happening on other devices. Any help is appreciated.


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Thanks for reaching out. Samsung recently started applying a battery saving feature which doesn't work well with Spotify. As I see you're on a Note 10+ (I was having the same exact problem on my S10+):
- Go to battery settings
- Battery saving (Dose) option
- and then turn off battery optimization for Spotify. You can also do this by going to Apps > Spotify > Battery Optimization (which is easier).

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Re: Spotify Stops Randomly

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So I thought that was the issue before, but in reverse. So I turned it on.
I just turned it off and will make sure my wife does the same and see what
happens. I honestly figured the chromecast and Google home's connected