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Spotify WILL NOT open ....

Spotify WILL NOT open ....

I've uninstalled, reinstalled, tried saving the app to my phone, my SD card, tried removing to from Google play, tried removing it using the android app manager, tried removing it manually with my computer - nothing. Every time it says the app was successful installed yet it won't open. It tries to load and then gives me the "unfortunately Spotify stopped working" pop up. Anyone have any answers ? I have zero problems with any other apps (including similar ones like sound cloud for streaming) I'm a premium member and I'm not going to pay for the membership if I can't even use it ....

Phone : Samsung galaxy S4 mini
Android version : 4.4.2 (my phone is not on the lollipop update list so this is fully updated)
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Hello @fallingskyward,

Can you try turning off your phone and back on, and close every multitasking task on your phone? It may be due to a lack of memory usage. 



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