Spotify app doesn't work (keeps loading and closes).


Spotify app doesn't work (keeps loading and closes).


Plan: Free

Country: Belgium

Device: Moto G5 s

Operating System: Android 7.1.1


My Question or Issue

Hi everyone,


the Spotify app on my phone stopped working overnight. Yesterday it was still running, today it keeps loading. There's the green 'loading' circle and then after a few minutes even that disappears. And sometimes the app just closes with the notification 'app doesn't work'.


I've got the latest updates for my phones software. I've deleted the saved files and cache files from the app. I've reinstalled the app 4 times (clean removal, since I deleted all the files). I've rebooted my phone 4 times. I've removed my sim card (and put it back in). I don't have Premium, so I don't have any malfunctioning saved files on my external SD card (which is actually empty at the moment). I can't find anything in my online profile that might fix this.


I feel like I'm missing something... Can anyone help?