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Spotify app for chromebook

Spotify app for chromebook

I can’t get the android app to work on my chrome book r11. The app is downloaded but just comes up with a blank screen so I cannot log in. I have tried uninstalling and downloading again but nothing has worked.

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Hey @nicksiee,

I just noticed that too, my app will not open nor work. I suggest that you create a new idea, to fix the issue if you can.


I just got a Lenovo Chromebook today and am having the exact same issue. 


I just had luck! I went to, opened the webplayer and then was asked if I wanted to install the app. This was on the lower left of the page. I hit yes and then the app opened! 

Thank you so much!

Same probleme on my HP Chromebook. Very frustrating!

First I had 'only' the problem that it was impossable to storage my playlists on the sd-card. When the internal storage was full, I had to remove my Spotify Premium app. When I  installed it again, it simply did'nt work when I opened it, the screen stays black...

If this is gonna last longer, I'll have to end my subscription and choose a different streaming service, although that's absolutely NOT what I want.  

Same problem here.... surely there must be a fix?

Just fixed it same way as neonabeverly - downloaded an app from chrome webplayer page.  Why does this work and the appstore app not work?

Hello Neona,

Indeed, that's a way to use your Spotify (Premium) again, I noticed that too, but... 

1. I suppose this will NOT work offline and

2. The lay-out of the playlists is different (and in my opinion less handy)


So, I still wonder:

A. Why doesn't the app work, when installed from the Google Play Store, as it did before??? After installing from the Play Store, nothing happens, the screen stays black.

B. Why is it still impossible to storage the Spotif playlists on the sd-card of my Chromebook 14? I can do so on my desktop, and on my smartphone, but NOT on the Chromebook. Internal storage there (pretty soon) gets too full (and that's exactly how my problems started, because I had to remove the Spotify app that was working fine before...).

Who can help me out?? Wat about the people who are actually employed at Spotify. They just let us swim... and drown?! They don't have a Custumor Service that's worth that name?!

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