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Spotify app on android does not work with sonos speaker

Spotify app on android does not work with sonos speaker

When I select my sonos device from the Spotify app, the track skips immediately to the end and the same happens with all subsequent tracks in the playlist.

I am running the android app from my Samsung phone and I have a premium spotify account. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest versions of both the Spotify and the sonos app. This problem only started quite recently.  Does anyone else have the same experience and know how to fix it?

2 Replies

I am also having the exact same problem. Sometimes it works, but most of the times it just immediately skips to the end of the track I'm currently playing when connecting to Sonos. I then need to change back playing on my phone, then reselect the sonos speaker and sometimes it will work then, but often I am repeating this cycle, or first need to start playing on another sonos speaker to get it working again.


I'm using a Sony Z3 Compact with Spotify Premium and two Sonos Play:3 speakers.


Would really like for the Spotify/Sonos teams to look in to this, because it is really frustrating and makes the playback to a Sonos speaker unusable at times.

i see my sonos speakers in the list but cant select them. I used to work but not anymore since a couple of weeks, anyone has the same pronlem?. Any place to write to the support team?

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