Spotify app won't connect to Sonos


Since the Spotify snafu yesterday, I can't connect to my Sonos speaker through my Spotify Android app.


The white "Devices Available" prompt shows up at the bottom of the Spotify app and I can see my living room player under the "Connect to a Device" menu. But when I click on the Spotify Connect service, nothing happens.


I've reauthorised my Spotify account and reinstalled the Spotify app. Neither works.


Spotify services work fine through the Sonos app but the search/recommendations etc are not as good - I prefer using the Spotify app to be honest.



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Same thing has happened to me, it appears the Spotify app is completly broken.

Yesterday my Sonos system connected to spotify perfectly now i can not connect.

My system with Spotify app is totally useless, spent over $1000 on a Play 5 and a Play 3

Spotify will only work through the Sonos app.


I have exactly the same problem, yesterday everything was fine but today I can't play through Sonos. As you said the devices are shown as available but not active when I try to play through them. I though it was just me and have reinstalled, reauthorised etc to no avail. Have just wasted 2hrs trying to get it to work !!


Yes I have the same problem. I can play through sonos using the PC desktop app no problem but everytime I try to select one of the devices on my android phone it won't accept it and stays playing on the phone.


This happened yesterday.


Same issues here. Can't even control Spotify through Sonos app.

Not sure if this is a Sonos or Spotify issue


Same problem here. Tried to reauthorize Spotify account in Sonos but it returns "unable to reauthorize Spotify account"

same problem happens on IPad, cannot connect to the sonos speakers even though they are visible.....

This was working just fine until yesterday.


 Problem solved for me. I could successfully reauthorize my Spotify account in Sonos settings and now it works again.


Same problem for me. 

I will be taking the speakers back next week and getting a full refund, suggest all customers do the same.

Reading the forums I get the impression there is no fix and Sonos aren't or can't fix the problems.



Mine suddenly working all fine again 

Weird !


Reported issue on Twitter and i got this reply.


We hear you loud and clear Lazzar. There is an issue with Spotify Connect (aka controlling Sonos with the Spotify app). Currently trying to resolve the issue with Spotify. Stay tuned with our Community thread for further updates:


Same problem. Can't connect to the SONOS using Spotify app on my android phone. Not sure who's problem this is, Spotify or SONOS, but would appreciate some info. Have tried all the 'fixes' suggested.



How Spotify haven't solved this yet is amazing.. Support just says a solution is coming.. But can't specify any progress or anything.. 

They should learn from Jeff @ the Sonos support.. He knows how to take care of customers.. 


This is clearly a Spotify Connect issue as Sonos app can play Spotify.. 

Spotify needs to step up its game now! 

Well it's frustrating that's for sure!
Is it a dispute between Spotify and Sonos? Something doesn't add up's either a dispute or a coding problem - either way you'll expect an explanation.
The fact neither side can omit a solution doesn't fill me with confidence.
I'm returning the speakers next week, the technology isn't quite as 'joined up' as alluded to in their marketing...


I have a Spotify Premium Family account


I have discovered that I can play via Spotify Connect when logged in with the main account but not when logged in with a family member account.


Hope that helps in finding the solution.


So I have a wife and we both have a premium account, but her Android phone fails to connect everytime.

Is this not good enough for you Spotify?

Needless to say we both will not be continuing our Spotify premium accounts....


Same problem as everybody else.

Hoping for this to get fixed ASAP. 🙂



This problem is a Spotify issue, not a Sonos issue.. Never had any issues with my Sonos equipment it's always been the other part of the supply chain. Spotify, Deezer and so on. 




Yes this is an issue with the Spotify Android App. 

Don't understand why Spotify just don't roll back to a previous known good version?


Same problems here. I am in contact with sonos and spotify support via twitter.

sonos support replyed within minutes an where quite helpful, even though we could not solve the problem because of that:


The spotify support via twitter took 10+ hours to react to my help request. After some question+answer messages including a test with a spotify test-account we have not solved the problem.


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