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Multiple Users on Single Device

Multiple Users on Single Device

I have a family plan which includes my wife, myself and my 2 young kids. How can I set up Spotify my phone so that I can play music from any of these accounts? Sharing playlists isn't a satisfactory solution because I don't want recommendations based on their listening activity. (I hear enough Disney music as it is.)


Ideally, Spotify would adopt profile switching within apps like Netflix did years ago.

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I think you'll need to create multiple users on the device for this to work.

Thanks for the reply. I believe this only works for Nexus/Pixel devices. Neither my device (LGG6) nor my wife's (HTC One) have this. I realize I posted this under the Android board, but it's also an applicable problem to iOS. Relying on device fixes/features is pretty frustrating given the differences device to device and potential for that to change outside Spotify's control.


FWIW, I have used that function a lot in the past when I had a Nexus, and the limitations there make it an not-so-ideal solution. e.g. Only the current user gets messages etc, so if I were to log in to my kids account I'm basically accepting that my messages are on mute until they're ready to give the device back.

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