Spotify connect devices showing "can't play this right now"

Spotify connect devices showing "can't play this right now"

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I'm using Spotify on Android (Motorola). In the last couple of days when I try to connect to a device it shows them in the list of devices (Xbox and Denon ceol receiver) but both are greyed out with message "can't play this right now".


I've tried updating firmware on the denon, and reinstalling Spotify on my phone.



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Hey @laurence_rodger,


Thanks for getting in touch with us 🙂


The troubleshooting steps that you've tried so far are very good. We'd like to add a few more.


It's a good idea to give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall. This one is more thorough than the usual one.


If the issue persists, you can also try with another account on the same device. That way we can check if it's an account-related issue. Are there any changes?


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.



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