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Spotify crashes regularly

Spotify crashes regularly

My wife and I are both Spotify Premium users.  We have been using Spotify successfully for over two years.  However, over the last three months we have been experiencing regular crashes when using Spotify.  Here is our usage pattern:

  1. We both have most of our playlists downloaded.
  2. We open Spotify
  3. We select a playlist
  4. We begin to play the playlist
  5. The playlist works for between 5 to 20 minutes and then stops. Pushing pause or closing the app and restarting does not have any affect.
  6. We must:
    1. Close Spotify
    2. Open “Settings” and Force Spotify to stop
    3. Clear the Spotify Cache
    4. Relaunch the app
  7. Number 6 above works most of the times, but sometimes you have to perform this step more than once for Spotify to start working.
  8. The above happens whether we are online or offline.

We have the latest version of Spotify installed on our Android devices (LG G5 and Samsung S5).

If you respond to this message please avoid telling us to clear the downloaded music and re-install the app.  I have been working with data networks for over 30 years and any software that requires you to re-install it in order to make it work semi-reliably is not worth what we are paying monthly to have this service.  I would appreciate a real answer or solution to this very annoying problem.  It would, of course, have been ideal if I could have contacted Spotify directly, but it seems that customer service is not in their business model as only this community is available for assistance.  Don’t get me wrong, I will appreciate any help or suggestion anyone cares to offer.  It just seems odd to us older users of Spotify that the idea of being able to contact the people you give money to every month is not an option.  I guess my kids are right when they say I am starting to sound like Clint Eastwood, “Get off my lawn, you **bleep** kids!”

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Sorry to here your problem. My solution for you is to download and older version of Spotiy. This will probably fix you problem to do so read this link . Hope this helps. Leave a like if you feel like your Clint Eastwood. If this works please mark it as a solution. Hope you have a good day. 


Also if you want to contact Spotify. 

The quickest way to contact spotify directly is via here or @SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter. 

Have an excellent adventure

Hi phan_times,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.  I appreciate the effort.  Having worked in the data and telecoms world for over 30 years it amazes me to see the state of software today.  This is particularly true when it comes to Android software.  I resisted getting a “smartphone” (a more oxymoron is not possible to imagine) for many years, but my kids finally talked me into it.  What a disappointment.  Spotify is just one of the “apps” that is hopelessly developed.  Can you imagine going to the doctor with a sinus infection and being told that you will have to have surgery to remove your head, clean out the infection and then re-attach your head.  That is how I feel about most of the software related to Android.  If the communication networks I used to design worked even 10% as poorly as most of the Android software I have seen I would have been out of business in my first year.  I will attempt to contact Spotify directly, but do not hold out much hope of a solution.  I will not be re-installing an older version though.  Better **bleep** you know and all that.

Are you kidding me!  Spotify Community blocked my use of the words "the d_e_v_i_l"!  Amazing!  If you are offended by the use of a very old expression that references a mythical creature, I truly apologize.  Maybe, though, that is taking political correctness and sensitivity just a bit too far.  I suppose this means we can’t, “Throw the baby out with the bathwater”, either.

Spotify blocks i_d_i_o_t, which I think is common and someone people just are

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