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Spotify crashes when trying to open song settings (3 little dots)


Spotify crashes when trying to open song settings (3 little dots)






Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Operating System

MIUI Global 10.4.4


My Question or Issue


My Spotify always crashes if I press the song settings (or long on the song), to add it into my playlist or in my queue for example.


I've already reinstalled Spotify and changed the battery settings



98 Replies

Same here with Redmi note 8 pro

I have the same problem. Is this problem a joke to you?

Same problem, Redmi 6. It makes the app practically impossible to use

Come on Spotify how Long are you tsking to solve this problema, there is a lot of People with this issue.... Do something...

Thank you, Iwill try it

yep this version is working. but my phone is umidigi a5 pro. i dont know redmi note 8.

fix please. now...this version is broken. very useless.

Same problem, Redmi 6A when upgraded to xiaomi miui 10.4

is not solved

same problem too. i have a redmi note 8 pro. it's very annoying... please fix it.

One question... When saying you are investigating the problem, did you also mean you will fix it when you found out? I do not see why we should pay premium when you do not try to fix simple problems like this at all...

  • Thanks you so much, this solution actually works. Absurd Spotify doesn't promote this and leaves it's users stumbling around in the dark. 

I have a Redmi 6 and this solution is, IN FACT, the solution.


I am very disappointed with Spotify for the solution had to be posted by a client, also by the fact that this works and this post is not reffered to as the way to really fix the problem.


Hope that, whenever an upgrade comes, this won't change again into a mess.




HOW get a real support for users XIAOMI 8  PRO ?

If the probleme is the version MIUI so tell us !

The problem is not solved yet.. I'm having the same problem with the same phone model. Spotify freezes everytime i press the option or the menu button. Please fix the issue very soon. You cannot keep on ignoring the issue especially with you premium subscriber.

I have been using an older version of the app since the problem occured. I got used to it really quickly, works just fine for me, but it's not I had on my mind, when I started my subscription.

Xiomi Redmi 8 Note Pro

Same problem here with same phone.

So I find a solution about our problem with Xiaomi and Spotify dots. I downloaded an old version of Spotify and works. With all features . Connect with other devices playing music in offline mode but has the old menu. It's temporary solution till Spotify or Xiaomi fix the problem . 

Yes this worked for me to however it's missing one key feature for me - the ability to make homescreen shortcuts to playlists. I usually fill up screen full of playlist shortcuts on a homescreen for quick access. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon.

I have same problem Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro...

Please fix it

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