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Spotify crashes when trying to open song settings (3 little dots)


Spotify crashes when trying to open song settings (3 little dots)






Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Operating System

MIUI Global 10.4.4


My Question or Issue


My Spotify always crashes if I press the song settings (or long on the song), to add it into my playlist or in my queue for example.


I've already reinstalled Spotify and changed the battery settings



98 Replies

me too. my phone is UMIDIGI A5 Pro.

Same device, same problem, the app just stops and my phone is really sluggish afterwards

Same problem


Redmi Note 8 Pro

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


This is an issue which we're currently investigating.


Make sure to head over here and add your vote. We'll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates.




Note: this post has been marked as the solution for the sake of visibility.

Same here: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. Click three dots = App crashs

Redmi note 8 pro, same issue

I cannot use Spotify properly because of this

Wow.. Marking this topic as solved? Are we joke to you?

It is and has been very frustrating to endure this problem, specially BECAUSE I am, we are, paying premium quality and features... Please, assess this issue as soon as you can. It has been two weeks already with this problem and no effective or efficient response has been given to us all...

Thinking of downloading some older version of the app, that might work, right?

Same hardware, same problems.
Spotify consistently freezing/hanging.

Yup, I have the same problem with my Redmi Note 8 Pro. I don't know if it's because of MIUI or Spotify but it's very annoying and I'm unable to use my Spotify properly, it's really unfair especially since I have a premium account to use it smoothly. I've tried everything in settings, even downloading older versions of the app - nothing worked. I would really appreciate if this got solved quickly. 

Same problem on redmi note 8 pro. I'm paying the premium plan and this is my last month because of this problem,it seems like I am wasting my money since I can't use spotify for this issue.

I have the same problem on redmi note 8 pro.

Android 9 - MIUI

I hope you'll help us.


Hello there, I have also a Redmi Note 8 Pro with the same problem and I have found a WORKING solution.

[ This post was edited to reflect latest findings on a single working apk version spotify-6-3-0-882]


1/ Uninstall your current Spotify version


2/ Download an OLDER version of Spotify apk

You must download:


(do a search on the internet to get it, this is not difficult as many people need older versions of Spotify to avoid the many bugs introduced over the latest 6 months, check uptodown site for example)

Log in to your Spotify account.
This version is working fine (the 3 dots menu also), even though it is a bit old.


That's it.

 I have found out since that the stable version is:




Just install this one, and it (should) work fine (Redmi note 8 pro with Nova Launcher here)


Versions prior to this one work BUT albums have missing artworks in library (for me at least)


Versions beyond this one freeze and stop responding when using the 3-dot menu


So this one seems to be the one to use while Spotify put their heads together and get a move on to do something before we all move to competition.


(this issue cropped up two months ago already!)

I'm just here to add that this (and many other) problems are nowhere near solved, and that Spotify's reaction and response to these problems is pathetic, and that the combination of all this led me to cancel my Family Premium subscription over the weekend. 


It's been almost a year since some of the auto integration problems first came up, and no solution in sight. 


I'm taking my money to Deezer and Amazon and Google Play which actually work as advertised, and which I'm willing to pay even more money than Spotify as a result. Good riddance. 

Spotify is starting to really loose it, even before that the latest updates introduced a lot of lag (when listing albums and songs) and many users simply switched to Apple Music as Spotify has played deaf to their woes.


It's easy to convert playlists online to switch over, and the software guys at Apple keep the app uncluttered and fast unlike Spotify's.


The golden rule is that when you find a working Spotify apk, NEVER update it! ;-))

Problem appears after installing Miui 10.4.4 on xiaomi redmi 6. Hungary

Hi! I have the same phone and I tried it, however it did not work when I installed the version anymore... 😞 

Did anyone else tried this?

It is a very frustrating problem for at least two weaks. I will not pay to the premium if it still exists. Please update and fix it! Thanks!

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