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Spotify crashing immediately when loading

Spotify crashing immediately when loading

Ive been unable to load spotify on my phone as of yesterday. Whenever i go to open the app it crashes back to the desktop/homescreen within a few seconds. Sometimes it will start loading the UI, sometimes it doesnt even get that far. I havent had any issues previously.


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100), using Cyanogenmod 11 (have been for over a year with no issue, havent updated the OS in several months, no new apps installed in the last week).

Pretty much it was working one day, i go to sleep and ever since it has refused to load at all since then, which leads me to think a spotify update from the last few days is causing a conflict that wasnt there before but ive got no way of finding out what, i dont get any error code, i dont get the "your app has crashed" dialog from android to send bug reports or see more details.


Ive uninstalled the app, cleared all traces of spotify from the phone and sd card and reinstalled from scratch. Still exact same behavior.


I use spotify premium account for the offline feature on my commute, without the ability to use spotify on my phone there is no point in me continuing to use premium, so im hoping there is a solution.
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Hi fartingbob. I would assume that your issue might be Cyanogenmod, since it isn't an OS Spotify technically supports. While you may not have updated your OS, Spotify is updated rather frequently, and it is plausible that one of these recent Spotify updates is what broke whatever compatibility there may have been.


@Daniel is an Android Authority and may be able to help you better than I, but I believe that you may have to revert back to a native Android OS to fix this issue, or hope that simply by chance Cyanogenmod will work with Spotify again. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but hopefully Daniel will be able to point you in the right direction for sure. Cheers!

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