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Spotify cutting in and out!!

Spotify cutting in and out!!






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I have been using Spotify via my AV system for close on 12 months and am a Premium Subcriber. 


Recently music keeps cutting in and out making it impossible to listen to, it also has a lag time if I try and skip tracks so pause a song.


I use an apple I pad or mostly an apple I phone 7 s with the app , all updates have been done when requested ,I have logged in and out of the Spotify app numerous time but the problem persists. 


I can stream Apple Music from devices with no issues, in its current format I am paying for a service I can't use , please help .


My location is Australia .






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Hi @GaryL133, welcome to the community!


In this instance, I recommend that you perform a clean reinstall of Spotify on your device. You can find device-specific steps on how to do this in this article.


Hope this helps, thanks and have a great day!


Thanks for your advice , however I have done this 3 times and the problem persists. I don't want to leave Spotify but if I can't sort it I'll have to , as I am paying for something that is unusable .

Hey @GaryL133,


Just double checking before we move on to more troubleshooting, did you also delete Spotify's cache as it said in the article I linked above? If not, could you please try that as well.




I'll try anything but not sure how to clean the cache, I did delete and reinstall the app as I have mentioned.

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