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Spotify design.

Spotify design.

Will Spotify support the new material design guidelines that Google has put into place? The only thing holding me back from premium is design. I hate the way it looks like iOS 7/8 and waaaay out of place on Android. Thanks!!
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I don't think it looks to bad on Android...


It uses the main Android elements, and the status bar is even coloured like on other official apps!


However, I've no idea whether or not they'll follow material design (although they really should).



I don't think they will, since Spotify have strived for so long to have consistency across platforms and it is finally coming together now.

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They actually aren't far off with their current design, all tings considered.  It would mainly be a few cosmetic tweaks here and there, like changing the icon for the side menu.  Otherwise, the header image floats "above" the song list, the "Shuffle Play" button is "above" the the image and playlist, everything flows and slides around in a material-ish fashion.  The biggest difference is the Now playing screen, whose transition is somewhere between a "zoom in" and "slide up", and ends up looking odd.  With material, you can do a "slide up" very easily, and end the confusion.


It will be quite interesting to see how Spotify incorporates the new Material Design guidelines.  However, I will say that they have been really good in the past at holding to the platform design guidelines while still retaining their own signature style, so I definitely have hope that the end result will be really nice.


Of course, the greatest addition would be a pretty animated Cast icon in the action bar 🙂

Would be enough with something simple like this, without straying too far of the current path.

Spotify with Material Design

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