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Spotify disables shuffle by itself

Spotify disables shuffle by itself







Galaxy S8


Operating System

Android 8.0


My Question or Issue


Android App is always disabling shuffle after couple of hours. (wow pls fix this support platform. check the usabilit...  on mobile it really sucks) 

9 Replies

I have a similar problem, but it turns off when I switch manually to a new song. For example if I really want to listen to Earfquake by Tyler the Creator and then turn in on shuffle and play a couple more songs but then I get an itch to listen to Complicated by Heavens to Betsy it turns shuffle off and I have to turn it back on. It's annoying.

People keep complaining about this and I don't get it.

If you are on shuffle and you CHOOSE a song, you are, by definition, no longer shuffling. You are purposely picking your song order.

If you want to keep shuffling after you play a song you select, then add the song to your queue instead of directly playing it. It only takes a second longer.

Ah,not a bug, but a feature?

This totally makes no sense. Why a hidden disable when I still want to listen to shuffle. Most of the people want to keep shuffle mode enabled, when they skip a song or jump to another. If I count the times I want to disable shuffle the same time a choose a song while shuffle is enabled, the result ist 0.000~0.

Its totally bad UX to force the user to disable shuffle mode just by choosing another song.

I'm not arguing for or against the way it is now. Just saying that by
definition you are no longer shuffling when you pick a specific song.
So it "makes sense" that it works that way.

Regardless, there is a simple way to overcome it - by adding songs to
your queue.

@spotify: What about a shuffle + lock icon as 3rd state next to no-shuffle and weird-shuffle mode. The multiple states are learned behavior by the users. This could lead to satisfaction on multiple sides.


The desktop app isn't disabling shuffle when I'm clicking on another song while shuffle is active. Pls fix this bug. 

I get your definition, but in the previous version, you could skip a song while on shuffle and it wouldn’t disable the shuffle. It would just move to the next song and continue to shuffle thereafter. 

That's a different scenario. Skipping a song while on shuffle has never
disabled shuffle. It still shuffles after skipping for me, both on Windows
and on Android. Manually selecting a song is a different story.

Will Spotify do anything? I guess everything is fine, if the SONGS tab will come back. What was the reason to remove the one and only tab I need???


See here:


I'm thinking about switching to Youtube Music. Spotify isn't worth anymore, if this standart feature left the game... for no reason. Thanks for nothing.

Hey @p_-2clj9esxk.


That's a nice suggestion!


We suggest you create an idea for it in the Community by going here so that others can vote for it and show that they would also like this. The more people that vote for the idea, the more likely it is that Spotify will implement it in the future 🙂


Hope that helps! Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.

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