Spotify disappears when I hit pause

Spotify disappears when I hit pause


Plan: Student/Premium

Country: United States

Device: Samsung Galaxy s10+

Operating System: Android 10


My Question or Issue:

Spotify disappears from my navigation bar when I hit pause. If I want to restart my music, I have to switch over to the app to continue playing. This began when I attempted to record a video while playing music from Spotify & I realized I wasn't able to utilize my navigation bar for accessing Spotify. 


I've done the following steps:

- uninstalled and reinstalled the app

- cleared the cache

- given all the permissions available to give

- allowed all the notifications available to allow

- restarted my phone


I really just need this to function properly and don't know what else to do.

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I have the exact same problem and I've done the same steps with no charge. This is getting really annoying

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