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Spotify does not sync offline tracks in CoolPad F1 phone with Custom ROM

Spotify does not sync offline tracks in CoolPad F1 phone with Custom ROM

Hello all,


Spotify cannot sync offline files with CoolPad F1 device. Although the synchronization finishes successfuly (green arrow near each song), the tracks does not play without internet connection and upon closing and reoppening the application keeps providing me an error stating that I have more than 3 devices though I am using it only in 1 device. I have around 5GB on my phone's internal memory and more than 20GB on the SD card. I already contacted the Customer help and after exchanging 14 (oh yes) emails with suggestions like install and uninstall, remove the SD card and install again etc I cannot keep up. My phone is rooted and have a custom ROM. Clearly this is an incompatibility between my phone's ROM and Spotify but the Customer care is not advanced enough in order to cope with such issues. Is anyone experiencing the same issue or have any suggestion? Thank you all in advance.


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I've read before about Spotify getting confused when a custom rom is installed, as it will treat it is a new device. If this is what has happened, the following steps may help:


1) Uninstall Spotify from the device

2) Go to

3) Click the "Remove all Devices" button

4) Reinstall Spotify on the device


Thank you for you response! I tried to do so, but once I installed Spotify on my phone and try to sync files again seems that I have 3 devices that are registered exactly at the same time though it is only one.

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