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Spotify doesn't resume playing entire playlist

Spotify doesn't resume playing entire playlist

For some reason I have not seen this issue anywhere, despite searching on google and this forum.


So I'll be listening to a playlist. Then I don't use Spotify for a while (couple of hours or so) and I get back into my car, Spotify will resume playing as normal but once the song is done, the music just stops because my play queue is empty. It will continue playing the song where it left off. But to continue listening to the playlist, I have to choose shuffle play once again. Defeats the purpose of Bluetooth audio in my car because I have to pull out my phone to shuffle!


My Spotify version is My playlist is downloaded at extreme quality, though the same happens at normal quality. I tried listening in offline mode only, same thing. It also happens across different devices (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Moto X)

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