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Spotify is lagging and freezing

Spotify is lagging and freezing

Hello. I'm using spotify on LG L9. It's a good phone so i don't know why my playlist are loading in 1 minute,

Skipping song takes 30 seconds, also before i will listen advertisement i have to wait 10 more seconds. 

My net 3G so in my opinion net speed and connection is great. Btw. it's also happens oon my Wi-Fi (16Mbps/2Mbps)

Can someone can explain me why spotify is so freezing and laggy?

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Hey there. I'm sorry about this.


Have you tried to re-install app? Does it happen also when Offline playlist will play? Does it play correctly in lower sound quality like 320 -> 160? I have max 21 Mbps plan 3G HSPA+ and 4G Dual Carrier (also known as 3G Dual Carrier HSPA+) and Unlimited data & Spotify works like a charm. Even in EDGE, if I manually reset sound to 160 kbps. In Wifi 100M/5M cable modem no problems at all.


Thanks in advance, will look into it after some more information.

As I said, I have to wait 10 second for listen an adventisement which means I'm using free version. 

From your topic FAQ: Questions and Answers about Spotify from 2012, I see i'm listening music with 

"Quality 96 kbps => 0.72 MB per minute. (Only in Mobile these days)".

I dunno how fast is 3G in my phone but when i'm downloading something it goes 150-200 KB per second

Hey there, I'm sorry about not clear answer.


I see this now. 96 kbps should work on 3G and EDGE. Can you perform speedtest using app? If result is something more than 200 kbps, it should be enough for Spotify 160 kbps and much more for 96 kbps need. Please keep in mind that coverage and speeds varies from area to area. If you're always online, as free is, the best choose is 96 kbps.


However Spotify is downloading in background also cover images, playlist data and other needed data. So it's extremely easy to see some unwanted buffering or lag and freeze without Premium and Offline playlists if your 3G is not enough fast. If you have constantly lag and clean re-install doesn't fix a problem, you may need to consider about Premium and it's Offline mode. Then you can download your playlist to memory card up to 3,333 songs and enjoy these even without Internet connection.


If questions, just let me know.

So, here is my speedtest from my 3G net.

Download 1,54 Mbps

Upload 0,97 Mbps.


I dont want to listen music in 423967 kbps.. 96 is enough for me.

Cover image takes 5-10 seconds to load but how big pic could be? 20-30 KB?

For now I won't buy premium, because i don't know if it will change anything.

So bad, i can't activate FREE 30-day trial because i don't have "enough" money in my paypal. 

The best thing is when I skip song and I'm listening an advertisements (10 secs for load + 15 secs adv + 5 secs for next load + 15 secs adv).


P.S. : I forgot to say but I have always freezings and lags when I'm skipping a song or choosing another playlist.



Hiya. Have you tried reinstalling the spotify app to see if it makes any difference?

No, but i cleared cache in spotify settings

Can you try full re-install like I described. If after that problems, I can escalate this to Android team to know.


Remove app, reboot ur phone, redownload app, recreate settings and try to play something.


Anyone else with similar problems? Let me know.

dam-n, Spotify is fast now but I need to test it for few days before i will be sure it was an install issue before

Hey there.


Let me know if problems after days, will sure to open ticket to right folks at Spotify.


Hopefully this did the job and you can now enjoy your music.

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