Spotify don't read sd card

Spotify don't read sd card

My Spotify app does not read my sd card so i am not able to Save my music on It. I have tried to unistall the app but nothing has changed...what Can i do? (I have a premium account)
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Could you post a bit more detail?

  1. What device are you using
  2. Which android version?
  3. Your spotify version?
  4. Is your SD card shown on the android storage screen as portable or internal storage?


I am using a Huawei p9 lite with Android nougat (7.0). The sd card work just fine with the phone and it's indicated aa portable storage. This is the versione of Spotify i am using, i think it's the latest One. Thank You for your time, anyway

No storage button shown in library/settings. SD card  not noticed by Spotify?. 

Huawei P9, Android 7.0,  SD = portable storage, Spotify armV7

That spotiy version looks like a beta version so you need to post in the beta section of the community.

I have downloaded the app from the play store and it's not indicate anywhere that this is a beta versione, anyway this problema has been going in for months now no matter the version of the app

Update from Play Store brings me version It stil does not show me any Storage button or storage option.  Don't  think this is a Beta because its a regular update from Google Play Store.

have you found a solution for this?

It seems that my phone (app) sees the internal memory and the SD card as one
combined storage.
So there is no opportunity to select between these options.

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