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"Downloaded" Filter only showing a few of my downloaded albums / playlists

"Downloaded" Filter only showing a few of my downloaded albums / playlists



I have about 10 playlists downloaded on to my phone.


When I go to filter only downloaded playlists, it is only showing 4 of those.


I can't figure out what else could be filtering them out.


Please advise. I did not see another topic on point to this issue among the numerous topics about people not knowing how to filter.



3 Replies

Do the rest appear if you do the same thing in "albums"?

They do actually!

I've never gone into the album section. I thought everything on spotify was
considered a playlist.

Is there a way to have master list with all downloaded content visible? The
playlists do not show up under albums...

Well, you could create album playlists and download those instead of albums. You can do this from the context menu (long press the album name or tap the three dots to the right) and select "add to playlist".

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