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Spotify freezes Nexus 5

Spotify freezes Nexus 5

After running Spotify on my Nexus 5 (ver 6.0.1) for a while (maybe an hour or more) everything slows or completely freezes on my phone. This happens consistently and only with Spotify. So I need to restart my phone after using Spotify nearly every time.


I normally use Spotify with either Bluetooth or Chromecast, and don't normally have anything else running, and always clear cache before I start. (It also happens when I don't clear cache but somehow I believe this might help)


It keeps throwing up errors like "(suchandsuch app) has stopped responding. close/wait" or "SystemUI has stopped responding. close/wait".


I first mentioned this on these forums a year ago, and there has been no solution. I have deleted apps, cleared space, cleared cache, done everything and Spotify still does this, even after all the updates over a year. And it's ONLY Spotify, no other app produces this problem.


And strangest thing of all is that it seems like I am the only person in the world with this problem.

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