Spotify getting too heavy or am I outdated?

Spotify getting too heavy or am I outdated?

I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 310", 1,6GHz dual core 1Gb ram. My connection is 100/10 Mbps. I can stream Netflix medium quality without problem, play YouTube in 480, high resolution mkv video files, pretty high quality games... but I can't use Spotify. I just got the tab as a hand me down (that has been used a maximum of 20 times) and I did a factory reset. Starting up Spotify takes forever, searching is out of the question, I just get a spinning circle. Loading a playlist is impossible, it just says "loading" on each song. When I press a menu element, the delay is so long I get an error message that says: "you need an Internet connection to use the menus". This is with a clean install, no songs saved to disk. No other apps running, all unnecessary background stuff turned off. Also turned off the energy saving after being advised so.

Could it be that Spotify has grown to be so advanced and demanding that older units no longer can run it?

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