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everything about spotify always crashes

everything about spotify always crashes

I use LineageOS on my phone. I can't use Spotify For a whie. It crashes when I try to start app. I can't delete it from settings or launcher.Just can delete it on playstore. Otherwise, packet manager is crashing. When I try to look my apps from settings settings crashes. When I install Spotify again from playstore, After Installing complete playstore, Launcher and Theme provider crashes instantly. I tried to install via apk. But when I enter the spotify aps' location in sd card then see the apk file in screen file manager crashes. If I don't see apk file in screen doesn't happen anything. It just crashes when the apk is seen on screen. So If a program or service try to do something about Spotify, It crashes..

I tried:

- Wipe my data, cache

- Reinstall OS
- Use another OS

NOTE: There is no file in  Android > Data even Spotify is installed

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Have you tried posting in the Lineage support forum? Spotify won't support custom ROMS.

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