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Spotify glitches when turning on shuffle with Spotify Connect

Spotify glitches when turning on shuffle with Spotify Connect







Samsung Galaxy 7, Denon AVR X-1200W

Operating System

Android 8.0.0

Spotify Version:


My Question or Issue

I have this bug since the last update, of 28 february. Whenever I have connected my Denon X1200W AVR through Spotify Connect to my phone (I have no other speaker devices I could test this with) and turn on shuffle, the app does random things. 

- The app is totally out of sync with the AVR;

- The app skips songs, while the AVR just plays normally;

- Controls only work randomly;

- The queue is ignored;

- Music just plain stops after a song is finished;

- The app stays connected to the AVR even if the AVR is turned off.

This problems seems to be, from my perspective, originating from the app, but could possibly also lie at the servers of Spotify/Denon. However, playing songs without shuffle enabled works normally. Also, playback on the Denon also seems normal. Only the sync of the app seems out of place.


See this video (can't post to YouTube or anything because of copyrighted music) for an example. Notice how the music playing is totally different than what the app shows, and that the queue is changing and isn't being followed.



Just tested it on the PC app. It works perfectly there.


P.S. The past year I have had this receiver, Spotify Connect has had some performance issues before, with the problem seeming always at the app-side. They were always solved after a few restarts of the app, or just playing a different song. But this new issue can't be solved at all.


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