Spotify has 345GB of memory in use

Spotify has 345GB of memory in use


Hello, ( Sorry for my bad english in advance 🙂 )

My spotify always use 345 GB when I look on my Phones memory. I use a Samsung J5 2017 with a 32GB memory Card. I don't know if it's just a visual bug or something like that because I only have ~40GB of memory in my phone. I tried to completely deinstall spotify and install it again ( delet cache also doesnt work). Also tried to reset my phone completely. Nothing works tho. 

I also can barley save songs on my memory Card.. I used 3 different memory cards, it takes ages to finish the download when I try to save them on my SD-card and spotify is laggy as **bleep** and crashes 80% of the time when I'm using it on the SD-card. everything works normal when I save it on the Phone memory. But I can't download much because I have other apps on my phone installed.


Hope somebody can help me out with that.. 


Pega 🙂

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