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Spotify invasively starts playing on my phone when stopped on a Google Nest

Spotify invasively starts playing on my phone when stopped on a Google Nest

If Spotify is playing on a Google Nest on my phone, and is prompted to stop (i.e., Hey Google, stop Spotify), it will automatically start playing on my phone... at whatever volume my phone was previously at. This can be incredibly annoying if someone at home is listening on the Nest, and then asks it to _stop_ and I am not home, because I will get the surprise sound of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" while sitting in the doctor's office, without knowing why it's playing.


This has been happening for a while, but just pinpointed it to someone in the house saying telling the Nest to stop playing, and immediately having Spotify start playing on my phone. 

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Hi there @1213265763,


Thanks for the post.


This sounds very strange, as normally the app shouldn't start playback on another device if playback is stopped on one connected device. This usually needs to be done by hand, by selecting another device from the Spotify Connect menu.


I'd suggest you do the following test:

  1. Log out from your phone. Log in only on your computer, or another device.
  2. Play some tunes on the Google Nest. Stop playback.
  3. Check if playback starts on that device.

If this automatic play starts on your phone again after logging out and back in the phone, try doing a clean reinstall of the mobile app. Follow this guide. There might be some corrupted app cache causing the issue. 


On another note, it's best to have a separate family member account linked to your home devices, so that when someone at home plays music, it won't interrupt your music listening stream if you're on your phone or in the car.


Keep us posted on how you get on.



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