Spotify keeps crashing after I add or star a track?!


Spotify keeps crashing after I add or star a track?!



I use version: on an Android device running Android version 2.3.7.

Every time I add, remove or star a song and then wait a couple of seconds the spotify app crashes.. I thought it might have been my last phone but I recently switched phone and I have the exact same symptom?


Is there something I can try to get this to work?



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same issue here. HTC Sensation

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Yep, I tested this earlier in the beta release too and it didn't crash for me either

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So i just did a test on 5 phones (2 different brands) with 3 different accounts. Same issue on all units and accounts. 

i have the exact same problem, and my friends have the same problem. the fact is that I got so iritated about it so i canceled my subscription

I have the same issue.  Started two updates ago (last fall around october/november).  After the first update broke the star track function I was able to get it working again by syncing my spotify account with facebook.  Then the second update in november 2011 hit and broke it again.  I addition to the agravation caused by not being able to star tracks on the mobile I had to deal with the facebook integration crap.  I knew a few other posters on the old get satisfaction site who fixed thiers by using an older version of spotify on the android.  I couldn't do that cause i foolishly synced with facebook andf thats a one way street. 



I also have this problem, and its really annoying. If I remove or add a track to a playlist while playing music, the app crashes. It has been like this for quite some time, and it starts to get really annoying.


I just deleted all my offline tracks, and resynced, but with the same problem 😞


Does anyone have any tips for solving this? I am on Android 4 on Samsung Galaxy S2.


The Spotify app seems to be fundamentally broken. But Spotify the ocmpany seem to have no intention of either dealing with it, or letting us know.


I guess the idea that they might one day release a functional app for Android, or properly engage with their community, or even answer emails is "Under Consideration".


It is funny because I thought I was a paying customer.... grrrrr..... Spotify Tech + CS suck so badly it is untrue.

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same issue here. HTC Sensation

The problems with the app running on Android 4 are well known and officially the app is unsupported on anything higher than 2.3.x anyway ...


Spotify employees are not allowed to discuss release plans, dates or new features. I doubt very much the developer(s) are not beavering away trying to create a new version of the app, or a completely new app, that fixes most of the issues and supports a wider range of OS versions and phones and I find the fact that there is no communication on this quite odd given how long it's going on ... but there's not a lot we can do except complain and, if it affects you too much, leave. Hopefully the faster it happens the quicker we'll get that update!

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I don't think leaving is a solution.. As long as i get an answer for my problem and i know that they are working on it im happy.

If I knew from the begnning that nothing over 2.3.x was supported i wouldn't complain. I understand that it can take time to creat a new app.

Thanks for your help! 🙂

But it appears you are running a 2.3. version, no?
I am having exactly the same problem on v 2.3.5. It started a week or two ago, after no problems for months. It needs fixed, as it renders the program unable to allow editing or creation of playlists. Please address this post-haste, Spotify!

I have the same problem running Android 2.3.3, and it is very annoying.

I had the problem on Android 2.3.5 as well. No problem for months, and suddenly these crashes. And more or less the same on ICS, which Spotify does not support, as I found out after starting to read this forum.

I am using Samsung Galaxy S2.

I suppose we just have to wait. Very bad that Spotify doesn't take the paying customers more seriously, and tell us more about their plans and progress.

me too... was happening on my Samsung Galaxy S2 2.3.x before and after upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

The app itself crashes the phone from time to time as well....

sort it out!

Just think of Spotify on Android as a listen-only app (i.e you can't make any changes to playlists) and the crashing becomes a little less frequent.

that won't cut the mustard for me - I use it while driving to get in a lot of my listening time. And when I hear a track I like... I hit the star....


not much to ask for is it?

..."officially the app is unsupported on anything higher than 2.3.x"...


This means that anything WITH 2.3.x IS supported, is that correct? Only 2.4.x+ is NOT supported. So why are we having issues with 2.3.x?

Same problem, Samsung S2, Spotify It crashes when ever I add a track to one of my offline playlists and this has happend since the last update. SUX!


As afront mentioned, I was using the app as a listening only app. But then I read that resyncing all the tracks might remediate some of the problems. I deleted all the local tracks, deleted local app data, uninstalled the app and now I am in the situation where I can just install the app, start it and then it crashes 😞

What am I going to do? Why cannot Spotify tell me how long I have to wait before this situation is solved?

I am still on Android 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy S2.

the only solution i had was removing my starred tracks from my offline playlist and the problem stopped also try the latest beta release i just tried it and starred a song and it didnt close the app should be fixed in next official release so if u dont want to wait get the beta app

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Yep, I tested this earlier in the beta release too and it didn't crash for me either

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